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I'm Dorsa, a UX/UI Designer based in the UK.

  • HopStair Gamification Design

Gamifying a mental health platform.

Frame 3233254 (1).png
  • Bet365 Website Redesign

Increasing the user loyalty by improving the visual design and information architecture.

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  • CrowdSurf App / Dashboard Design

Designing a groundbreaking platform where users can enjoy live events in real-time.

Frame 35026_edited.png
  • Traviz Mobile App Design

Boosting conversion rates in the world of travel booking!

  • SkillShare Mobile App Redesign

Enhancing the customer satisfaction and the product revenue by Personalized learning paths.

  • NQC Supplierassurance UX Audit

Increasing the conversion rate for a saas supply chain company.

Mac Studio.png
  • Pokemon Dashboard Design

Coming soon...

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Let's connect
  • LinkedIn

If you would like to discuss a project or just say hello, feel free to contact me. I am always open to new opportunities and challenges. Email: 

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