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Project Overview

Bet365, a global online betting platform, acknowledges the need for a more engaging and user-friendly design to retain its vast user base. This project focuses on a comprehensive website redesign, aiming to deliver a visually appealing and interactive experience. The primary goal is not only to meet user needs but also to cultivate lasting customer loyalty by creating an immersive and compelling platform.

Problem Statement

Despite Bet365's widespread user base, the existing website design falls short in providing an engaging and seamless user experience. The lack of a visually appealing and interactive interface hinders user satisfaction and, consequently, jeopardizes customer loyalty. This design disparity has prompted the need for a strategic redesign initiative, aligning the platform with modern user expectations and industry standards. The objective is not just to rectify these design deficiencies but to elevate the overall user experience, fostering long-term commitment and loyalty among Bet365's diverse user demographic. 

My Role

In spearheading the Bet365 redesign, I took on the roles of solo researcher and designer. From in-depth competitive research to crafting the UI and visual design, my efforts were focused on aligning the platform with user expectations while staying true to the brand voice. This solo endeavor aimed to elevate Bet365's user experience, fostering enhanced engagement and loyalty.


brand's visual identity

Visual Hierarchy

Typography and Color Palette

Imagery and Iconography

Accessibility and usability testing 

The design solution implemented for this project not only addressed user needs and brand identity but also successfully tackled the challenge of information density. Leveraging the right combination of visual hierarchy and impactful visuals, the new design provides an effective solution to streamline and present information in a clear and organized manner.


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Our client's profound satisfaction with the project's results is a testament to the successful integration of these design elements. The positive impact on user engagement and conversion rates and the readability of the website reaffirms our dedication to delivering a user-centric and effective solution, meeting both client expectations and user preferences. This project exemplifies how thoughtful design choices can lead to tangible and impactful results in the realm of user experience.


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