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Project Overview

Our mission for this project was to bring the excitement and camaraderie of live events directly to the homes of fans, transcending geographical barriers and providing an immersive, next-level experience by Designing a groundbreaking platform where users can enjoy live events in real-time.

Problem Statement

Despite the growing popularity of live streaming, the current landscape lacks a comprehensive platform that caters specifically to the needs and desires of sports and music fans.Traditional methods of enjoying sports matches or live concerts are often constrained by geographical limitations, high costs associated with attending events in person, and scheduling conflicts. This results in a gap between fans' enthusiasm and their ability to fully engage with their favorite events. The absence of a dedicated platform for immersive, real-time experiences leaves enthusiasts yearning for a solution that goes beyond conventional streaming services.In light of these challenges, CrowdSurf aims to address the gaps in the current market, offering a groundbreaking solution that combines high-quality live streaming with social connectivity and artist interaction.

My Role

In collaboration with a dynamic team of three, I played a central role in shaping the CrowdSurf project, focusing on research, UX, and UI for both the application and the website. Working closely with my team, I conducted extensive user research, including user interviews and competitive analysis. as well as crafting high-fidelity prototypes with strong visuals.


screener Survey: 50

Interviews: 18

Design Studio: 4 rounds

Design Iterations : 6 rounds 

Usability Testing: 35 


The CrowdSurf project strategically employed a robust design sprint methodology, using the Double Diamond approach. Commencing with comprehensive user research, including 50 screener surveys and 18 interviews, the team also conducted a competitive analysis and an in depth market research to address the right solution in our design. The Iterative design played a pivotal role, with three rounds of design iterations and usability testing involving 35 participants. This iterative approach allowed the team to fine-tune the solution based on valuable user feedback, resulting in an app and website that not only meet but surpass user expectations. The final product provides a seamless and enjoyable live streaming experience for sports and music enthusiasts, cementing CrowdSurf as a groundbreaking platform in the industry


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It's crucial to note that while the product has reached an advanced stage of development, it has not been launched to the public yet. The positive feedback received from users and the accomplishment of project goals signify a promising future for CrowdSurf. As the platform moves toward its official launch, it holds the potential to redefine the live streaming experience for sports and music enthusiasts, creating a unique and community-driven space for virtual engagement with live events.


Non-Disclosure agreement restricts my ability to share confidential information relating to the work I did at CrowdSurf. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss my design process :)

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